Does Wi-Fi affect our health?

Wi-Fi is the cheapest and most convenient way of getting information across from smartphones, tablets and PCs. As it’s invisible we don’t give it that much attention until it breaks but did you realise that Wi-Fi can have a detrimental effect on our health?

Development of Insomnia

Studies show that Wi-Fi can contribute to the development of Insomnia. A study back in 2007 showed that the low-frequency modulation from smartphones has an impact on sleep. The electromagnetic signals they produce can contribute to sleepless nights as a change in brainwave patterns is common in people who sleep with their phones close by. The same is true of Wi-Fi signals. Sleep deprivation might not sound like a major problem but bigger issues like depression and hypertension have been linked to insomnia.

Childhood development

Your child could suffer from developmental issues if exposed to Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals. Studies show that fetal development can be affected by these harmful electromagnet waves. Kidney development problems have been linked to two studies carried out by different research labs.

Brain function

If you have a problem concentrating, perhaps part of the issue is due to the bombardment of 4G radiation found in smartphones. Those who use their phones for prolonged periods of time can find that the 4G radiation leads to lower brain activity.

Lowers sperm count

The evidence to support the next claim has come from both human and animal testing. Both groups of test subjects experienced lower sperm counts after being exposed to Wi-Fi frequencies in laboratory conditions.

Other claims

There are claims that Wi-Fi signals can contribute to cancer growth but we stress that there’s no evidence to support this claim. An increased heart rate is also said to be an issue that occurs when exposed to Wi-Fi signals, but again there’s nothing to backup this claim.

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