Does vodka damage your kidneys?

As well as being the cause of sickness in the morning, vodka and other alcoholic drinks can effect other parts of your body as well and cause damage. If you don't drink responsibly there is a possibility that alcohol consumption can cause permanent damage of health issues.

You should always speak to a practitioner about the recommended daily or weekly intake of alcohol for your body and avoid overindulgence to prevent permanent health damage.

Does vodka damage your kidneys?

Alcohol, vodka in particularly, can destroy the delicate balance of ions and water in your body. Vodka alters the filtering abilities in the kidneys but only severe alcoholics or very heavy drinkers will see permanent damage from their kidneys.

All types of alcohol influence how the kidneys filter water through your system. However, whiskey or hard alcohol, including vodka, are more likely to alter your kidney's function significantly compared to other drinks like beer. Beer contains more water than vodka and is low in dissolved nutrients and is in lower concentration that vodka. When drinking beer, because more water enters the system, the water leaving the system later on isn't likely to be as dilated as when vodka is drank.

How does vodka damage your kidneys?

The exact method in which vodka alters the function of the kidneys is not clearly known. However, studies suggest that vodka effects the availability of ADH in the body; when ADH is inhibited, the nephrons in your body become less permeable to water and more water travels to the bladder as a result. When the body tries to pull more water into the body from cells and muscles, this can have a negative impact on your organs, including your kidneys.

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