Does Quitting Smoking Help You Lose Weight?

Smoking is a hard habit to get rid of. But, it is possible to stop this from ruining your life. Studies show that quitting smoking can actually help you shed those extra kilos around your waist. Read on to see if this is a myth or a fact.

The benefits of quitting smoking

Most people will suggest that quitting smoking can increase your weight. The explanation behind this is that a person who used to smoke will look for other ways to make up for the loss. If before you have been used to doing something with your hands or had a cigarette dangling in your mouth, then now that you have stopped the habit, you are going to substitute this activity whether you turn to chewing gum or are actually eating more. If you do, then you are likely to increase your weight.

  • Losing weight
  • But, weight gain is not a sure thing if you stop to smoke. True, there might be fluctuations in your weight in the beginning as you settle in to your new lifestyle, but in the long run, you will actually lose some of those unwanted pounds.

  • Exercising more
  • This might actually be good for you since now that you have kicked the habit, you are going to look for ways to be healthy. Studies show that people who smoked have lower endurance for cardio-respiratory workouts. Now that your lungs are free from the obstruction (once you quit smoking the effect is immediate - you breathe better) smoke inhalation brings, then your endurance is greatly enhanced. You will be able to exercise more and do extra workouts.

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is probably one if not the main reason why you quit smoking. Eating healthy is, therefore, key. There are also studies that indicate fat is stored easily in your bellies when you are smoking. Hence, if you quit, less fat will accumulate in your abdomen making you lose weight anyway.

    Freeing time to do other things

    Smoking takes up a lot of time even if you are multi-tasking at the same time. One cigarettes takes 10-15 minutes to smoke. Imagine if you are consuming a pack in a day! When you quit smoking, not only do you give up a sedentary activity, you also free up valuable time to do other things.

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