Does going out with wet hair really give you a cold? And other old wives' tales

Don’t go out with wet hair or you will catch a cold. Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis. Putting a steak on a black eye will make it heal faster. Urinating on a jellyfish sting will help the pain. Gain a child, lose a tooth. These are old wives' tales that you have probably heard before. But is there any truth behind them?

Does going out with wet hair really give you a cold? The answer is no, it’s just another old wives' tale. Colds are viruses and whether your hair is wet or not will not affect whether you catch one. The temperature has little to do with catching colds.

Will cracking your knuckles give you arthritis? There has been no research that shows that cracking knuckles will give you arthritis, but a lot research has shown that it isn’t good for you. If you crack your knuckles you can expect damaged ligaments, swollen hands and reduced hand strength in older age.

Will urinating on a jellyfish sting help ease the pain? This again has little truth to it. It depends on both the jellyfish and the person. It can cause the pain to become worse or better. Many people find vinegar the best solution to a jellyfish sting, but again it depends on the sting.

Will having children make me lose teeth? Research suggests that this old wives' tale is actually true. An American study looked at over 2,500 women aged between 35 and 49. The women who had no children lost on average two teeth. Those with one child on average lost three teeth. Women who had two children lost on average four teeth. Women who had four or more children lost on average seven teeth. Probably the best theory for this is calcium depletion, but no research has backed this up.

Will putting a steak on a black eye help it heal? This old wives' tale has no truth in it at all. It won’t help it heal faster and the raw meat could cause an infection, so if you find yourself with a black eye, steer clear of the fridge!

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