Does falling in love make you gain or lose weight?

Sure, falling in love is a great and even giddy feeling. Now, there is another dimension to it: a new study reveals that instead of gaining weight, you might actually lose some unwanted pounds.

The study

It is definitely very easy to gain weight at the beginning of a relationship especially during the dating phase. The reason? You are probably going to dine out more than normal. However, the good news is the hormone that is suppressing your desire to eat is released when falling in love. Does that make sense? We explain below.

Harvard Medical School research

A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School recorded the behaviour and dining patterns of members of their focus group, 25 young men. 50% of the participants were overweight or obese whilst the other half had normal weights.

The men were split into two groups. Each group was given an oxytocin nasal spray whilst the other cluster was given placebo. Oxytocin is the hormone that is emitted whilst doing enjoyable activities such as kissing, cuddling and making love.


Participants who received the nasal spray were observed to have eaten large meals. Researchers monitored the number of calories consumed. The experiment was repeated two months after and this time the spray used was changed or switched.

Findings revealed that the group that received the oxytocin spray tended to eat less. Their metabolism levels and insulin sensitivity were also heightened whilst they ate.


The study is not conclusive as researchers only observed young men. Hence, further researches need to be done. However, the point is, even if weight loss is negligible, it is an encouraging sign. Indeed, falling in love can help you lose weight.

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