Digestive problems and their natural remedies

We all enjoy tucking into our favourite dishes, especially during the festive season. But issues associated with over-indulgence, such as bloating or indigestion, are often an inevitable side-effect. The good news is that whatever the nature of the digestive problems, natural remedies exist to help our bodies deal with those uncomfortable sensations.

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Common digestive problems and how to combat them

The temptation to get tucked into tasty dishes and not worry about any after-effects is all too common. But you'll find that dining becomes far more pleasurable once you appreciate that digestive problems have plentiful natural remedies.


One of the most frequently complained about issues is that sensation of 'feeling stuffed'. We all pass gas around 12 times daily and trying to suppress this can lead to strong pains. It is far better to pre-empt wind and bloating by taking natural solutions. Fibre can be taken in the form of a non-psyllium supplement, twice a day. This will avoid constipation. Natural substances such as fennel or chamomile are perfect when taken in a tea, with ginger tea particularly effective at countering flatulence.

Apple cider, taken in a teaspoon with water, is another good remedy. This should be ingested through a straw as its acidity can harm tooth enamel.


That acid sensation in the gut is another classic symptom of poor digestion. But there are any number of natural counters. Liquid calcium magnesium, swallowed as one tablespoon after a meal, will ease the problem.

Herbs such as marshmallow, plantain and slippery elm are known as demulcents. These are excellent for coating and healing your digestive tract. Glutamine, taken either as 500mg capsules or in powder form, can be added to fruit or vegetable smoothies, or to water.

Other natural remedies that can be highly recommended

While there are many foodstuffs that will aggravate digestive problems, natural remedies abound. Your chemist will be able to point you towards a variety to choose from, and in time you'll narrow down the ones you feel most benefit from. Berberine, a naturally-occurring antibiotic, is used to combat diarrhea, and is especially useful for travel. Mastic gum will restore a healthy bacteria balance in your digestive system.

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