Best detox smoothies you should try in a simple, one-week detox diet plan

If you thought detoxifying your body means plugging your nose and forcing down bitter herbal drinks, you are wrong. Detoxifying and nourishing your body need not be an unpleasant experience with bitter antioxidant-packed foods. It can be a pleasant experience that involves tastier detox smoothies. Try this safe and simple, one-week detox diet plan and it will leave you bursting with good health.

Detox smoothies for breakfasts

Eat any of these detox smoothies in the morning to nourish and slip your body back to good health:

1. Banana porridge – Enjoy porridge made with water and enriched with raisins, banana and natural yoghurt. You may sweeten with honey.

2. Fresh fruit and yoghurt – Enjoy natural yoghurt sweetened with honey and some fresh fruit.

3. Fresh fruit salad with oats and yoghurt – Enjoy natural yoghurt, a sprinkling of oats and fresh fruit salad.

4. Muesli and yoghurt – Enjoy homemade muesli that is made from dried fruit, seeds, oats, nuts and served with natural yoghurt.

5. Fresh fruit smoothie – Enjoy wholesome fruit smoothing made from fresh fruit and natural yoghurt. You may sweeten with honey.

Detox smoothies for lunches

Eat any of these detox smoothies for lunch to nourish and slip your body back to good health:

1. Rice cakes with Mediterranean salad – Enjoy rice cakes served with fresh basil, avocado, rocket, tomatoes and black pepper. You may add a handful of unsalted nuts.

2. Grilled cod with jacket potato – Enjoy grilled cod fillet served with jacket potatoes. You may add lightly steamed vegetables.

3. Oatcakes with lentil soap – Enjoy a large bowl of either homemade or supermarket-bought lentil soup with oat cakes. You may eat vegetable soap instead of lentil soup.

4. Prawn salad and avocado – Enjoy fresh avocado served with prawns, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and salad.

5. Sweetcorn jacket potato, tuna and salad – Enjoy jacket potato tuna mixed with natural yoghurt and sweetcorn and served with salad.

Detox smoothies for dinner

Eat any of these detox smoothies for dinner to nourish and slip your body back to good health:

1. Jacket potato with baked salmon – Enjoy baked salmon fillet served with jacket potato. You may add steamed vegetables.

2. Brown rice with Chinese vegetable sir fry – Enjoy stir fry which are a selection of nutritious vegetables, such as mushrooms, spring onions and bok choi served with brown rice. You may add a little olive oil with ginger and garlic in your stir fry.

3. Tuna and prawn with noodles – Enjoy gently fried vegetables like mushrooms, courgette and onions that have been touched with a little olive oil and added a handful of prawns, canned tomatoes, tomato puree, black pepper and tuna canned in water. Serve with rice noodles.

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