Depressed Cake Shop raises awareness on depression with gray cakes

The latest official figures say that nearly a fifth of adults in the UK experience anxiety or depression.

Depression comes in many shapes and forms, and trying to fight off that sense of emptiness and despair, and raise serotonin levels trying to "make yourself happy" – by eating cakes and sweets, isn’t the smartest idea, as sugar has been tied to the illness.

Sugar provides a rapid increase of insulin in the blood that will leave a fleeting sense of wellbeing, but the glucose rush will rapidly wear off, leaving just the extra calories and feeling even more down.

So you would think that anything involving sugar would be verboten, instead Emma Thomas aka Miss Cakehead, has created the Depressed Cake Shop.

The Depressed Cake Shop will feature and sell cakes and pastries that will all be grey on the outside and colored on the inside.

The project is to raise awareness and discuss mental health issues, while at the same time raising valuable fundsfor a mental health charity.

Opening in London on August – 2nd - 4th, Depressed Cake Shops pop up events will also take place in other venues in the UK, with professional and hobby bakers creating the baked goods.

Thomas isn’t new to groundbreaking projects. Last year was the Eat Your Heart Out at St Bart’s Pathology Museum, where the cakes realistically depicted body parts and various diseases, and that project was aimed to educate the public on anatomy and illness.

Thomas says: ‘Depression and mental illness is something that affects so many people and is an issue close to many people’s hearts.'

‘The grey-scale color scheme of the cakes is in part to represent the hopeless grey feeling of depression, but the colors inside show that even when people are depressed there is still that piece of hope and joy somewhere inside them.

'Baking is a wonderful way to express yourself and your feelings. I would say about 70 per cent of the bakers are trying to bring their own experience into their baking designs. Except the grey exterior, I didn’t want to restrict how people could express themselves.’

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