Death of the sick note - birth of the fit note

Forget the doc scribbling you a sick note next time you're off with a double arm breakage. As long as you can still type with your big toe, a 'Fit for Work' note could be what you get. Dame Carol Black (Minister for Health and Work) wants an end to people skiving off work sick, costing the tax payer millions and generally living the high life. And the beginning of a 'fit for work' culture.

Instead of being signed off sick, Black suggests people should be signed 'back on' according to the duties a doctor thinks they can reasonably perform whilst sick. Don't know about you but we're having horrible visions of people with broken legs being forced hobbling back to the workplace because it's their turn for the tea run.

Yes, being off sick costs the tax payer hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. But isn't that exactly what we pay our taxes for? So that when we're sick we can be just that.... Granted we're all guilty of the odd fake sickie now and then.....but frogmarching the genuinley poor of health back to the office because you think they might be fiddling the system seems a touch draconian to us.

What do you think?

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