How to deal with anxiety

Being anxious is a common thing. Being anxious about a sporting event, anxious about stepping out of your comfort zone, anxious about telling someone something difficult, anxious about exams... there are thousands of reasons a person can be anxious and it is very common. Here we will have a look at ways to deal with anxiety.

Being able to relax is by far the best way to deal with anxiety. There are somatic and cognitive approaches to reducing anxiety. Cognitive anxiety reduction is things like self-talk, meditation or hypnosis and somatic approaches are things like biofeedback progressive relaxation and breathing techniques. All these techniques will help deal with anxiety and help you relax.

Progressive relaxation and breathing techniques are a very common way to deal with anxiety. Progressive relaxation is a great way to deal with anxiety and tension. You work through all your muscle groups and tense and relax all the muscles you can control.

Work through all the muscle groups one at a time and tense and relax. At the start to do this effectively will take around 30 minutes, but as you learn the technique you can bring this time down to 6-10 minutes and you will eventually get it down so that you can relax yourself in a matter of seconds. It promotes relaxation and reduces muscle tension and in turn reduces mental tension and anxiety.

Breathing techniques are very simple and very effective. By taking a few seconds and focusing on your breathing you can help fight stress and anxiety. It is the easiest and possibly one of the most effective ways to encourage relaxation. Take a second, focus on your body and think about what your body is doing as you are breathing in and out. Breathe in and count to four and breathe out and count to eight as you are exhaling. This helps you fight distractions, helps relaxation and reduces tension and anxiety.

There are many ways to deal with anxiety. Progressive relaxation and breathing techniques are very simple and effective ways to fight anxiety. There are other factors that could help like diet, sleep and exercising. But for quick and effective ways to relax progressive relaxation and breath control are fantastic ways to relax.

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