Two simple CrossFit workouts for women to do daily at home

Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter or just a beginner, performing high-intensity CrossFit training like the deadlift, squat and overhead press as quickly as possible can help you cut body fat by an average of four percent in as little as 10 weeks. CrossFit workouts for women have also been proven to increase strength, build lung capacity and get you into the best shape you can be. Here are our top two best CrossFit training options you can do every day at home.

1. The “Sumo” deadlift high pull

The first of our best CrossFit workouts for women is the “sumo” deadlift high pull. Before you take on the challenge to do any of the more complex CrossFit exercises, it’s important to master some basic skills, like an air squat. Your gym instactor can show you how.

Try this “Sumo” deadlift high pull exercise at home using a broom before you progress to a light bar. “Sumo” refers to your foot position.

Step 1: Take your feet out wider than a squat to get in a sumo stance.

Step 2: Hold the centre of the broom or bar with both hands.

Step 3: Place the broom or bar in front of your shins, while keeping your back flat, arms straight and shoulders aligned over the bar so you are now in the deadlift positing.

Step 4: Stand up tall from you sumo stance position, keeping the broom or bar close to your body.

Step 5: Once in full stand, draw your elbows in to bring the broom or bar up to the middle of the chest and perform your first high pull.

Step 6: Straighten your arms and return to the deadlift position to complete the “sumo” deadlift high pull movement.

Step 7: Repeat the movements and speed them up now that you have the sequence right.

2. Overhead squats

The second of the CrossFit workouts for women you can do at home is the overhead squat. This workout helps improve balance, coordination and body awareness. Start with a broomstick and progress to a light bar once you are confident with your movements.

Step 1: Take your feet out shoulder-wide apart with your chest up and back straight so you are in a squat stance.

Step 2: Lift the broom directly overhead with both arms straight.

Step 3: Lower your bum as deep as you can, while still keeping the broom overhead so you are in a squat position.

Step 4: Once you are in squat position, come up to start position while the broom remains overhead and its weight stays over your heels.

Step 5: Repeat the movements and speed them up once you have the sequence right.

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