Cosmetic Surgery - Why Subtle is Best

A lot of men and woman use cosmetic surgery to correct a defect they perceive in their appearance, or to remove the signs of ageing. Many plastic surgeons suggest that natural and subtle cosmetic surgery that enhances your features, is advisable. This approach produces an untouched appearance to the eye, but for the patient the transforming effect of plastic surgery will be evident, as they won’t have to live with the problem they perceived.


The limitations of plastic surgery are constantly being tested which is why, when choosing a cosmetic surgery procedure, subtle is best. The surgery itself is less invasive if the changes are subtle and in keeping with your natural look. This results in the smallest scars, which aids recovery from the surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an area where an unnatural approach is often most evident. If the prosthesis is too large for the skin, the subject’s breasts will lose the natural shape and become spherical.


Facelifts are another area of concern. Some facelifts erase the facial expressions in order to remove all wrinkles comprehensively. This can lead to upturned noses and pulled eyelids, which look unnatural and to some unacceptable.

Final Word

There is a fine line between improving the patient’s appearance and exaggerating their looks. The best surgeons will spent time discussing this issue with the patient. They will make them aware of all the options and discuss the best way to achieve the results the patient is looking for without producing an unnatural look.

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