Cosmetic surgery guinea pigs in the uk

The craze for nips, tucks and face fillers is reaching dangerous levels according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. British women are often unknowingly acting as guinea pigs for new cosmetic treatments that are unproven and in some cases even banned in America.

At their recent conference, Chairman Douglas McGeorge highlighted some of the products women are now using that have little scientific credentials, including a breast-enlargement procedure called “celution” where fat or stem cells from the body are injected into the breast.

Other procedures highlighted were the growing trend for lunchtime breast augmentation to “fat-melting” treatments.  A staggering 415,000 people in Britain have non-surgical cosmetic treatments each year, but concerns have been voiced about non professionals including hairdressers, dentists and beauticians who are now giving injections and doing "fillers" without the proper training.

We're wondering how many colleagues will be overhearing "...just popping out for some sushi and a breast enhancement. Back in half an hour..." round the office water cooler in the near future.

So what's on the cards for the industry? According to government ministers, more regulation is needed. We should think so too. You need to be qualified and regulated to pass a car's MOT...surely doing real body work should require some checks and regulations?

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