Concussion Symptoms to watch out for

Taking a strong hit to the head can often lead to a varying level of a concussion. Whether it is from playing a sport on the field or falling and hitting your head in your home, it is important to know various concussion symptoms so you can take the right action.

The important list of Concussion Symptoms

Unfortunately concussions can last anywhere from a few days to weeks or sometimes even longer. It is difficult to know how long it will be an issue and sometimes people may not even know they have one. Physical concussion symptoms that might occur would include vomiting or nausea, persistant headaches, fatigue, temporary loss of consciousness or sensitivity to light and noise.

If you feel physically fine, other symptoms would be the feeling of being confused as to where you are, a delayed response when answering questions or trouble concentrating or remembering information.

With children it can be more difficult to know what they are experiencing since they may not be able to verbalize their problem. If this is the case, pay attention and see if there is excessive crying, a dazed appearance or a change in their eating or sleeping pattern.

It is time to go and see a doctor if repeated vomiting is still an issue or if there is a change in behavior where you are feeling abnormally irritable. Other signs would include slurred speech, any sign of clear liquid leaking from the nose or ears, balancing problems, amnesia, lasting or recurrent dizziness, or seizures. It is important to go and see a doctor immediately if any of these signs should appear.

Ways to avoid getting a concussion

No one wants to experience any of these concussion symptoms, so it is important to take the correct precautions if possible. This is often small things such as putting on your seatbelt, wearing a helmet while playing sports, slowly standing up if you are feeling light headed, and other easy precautions. While some incidences are unavoidable, do what you can to protect yourself.

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