Home remedies to combat common allergies this winter

Common allergies can be the most frustrating of ailments and often come at the worst possible moment. Although your local GP can simply prescribe a course of medication to combat many of these allergies, things such as blocked and runny noses, itching eyes and head colds can be fought without having to leave the house. The following are examples of remedies that can be applied at home.

Simple remedies for fighting allergies

The first step to take is to seek out the source of the allergy and eliminate it with immediate effect. The most common trigger of allergies in the home is dust, which sometimes seems to build up just as fast as it is removed. Be sure to clean regularly and wear a dust mask when doing so. This will protect your senses at the time when the are at their most vulnerable.

Another simple and effective way of thwarting dust and other allergy inducing substance is to install and air purifier. Air purifiers clean the air circulating in the home and thus kill off all unwanted allergens. Remember to change the filters regularly in order for the purifiers to function efficiently.

In keeping with years of tradition, warm water is yet a further example of making use of what you have in the home to combat common allergies. By simply placing a lukewarm flannel over the eyes and nose you can successfully ease both headaches and congestion. Similarly, taking a hot shower can help in relieving the body of all aches and pains.

To complete the collection, another century old tradition is to make yourself a cup of hot lemon and honey. Both possessing anti-bacterial qualities, the drink is especially soothing for sore and tickly throats.

Attack is the best form of defence

Now that you are aware of some simple ways of fighting off common winter allergies it is time to make a plan of action. Don’t sit around waiting for the allergies to strike before taking preventative steps. Start today by cleaning away the dust and installing an air-purifier. Make sure to eat healthily and you can look forward to an ailment free winter.

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