Medical applications of Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is another alternative medicine that is attracting new interest. More than 25% of people around the world believe in Chinese medicine and use it for maintaining health care. Chinese medicine is directed at the entire body and how all the systems are interconnected. Discover popular treatments and learn the importance of Qi, yin and yang.

Chinese medicine

Qi is the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. This is the life force or energy found in the human body. Each body is composed of yang and yin. The yang force is considered to be active and hot, whilst yin is slow and cold. The forces in healthy people are said to be in balance. When these forces are out of balance, it creates a Qi blockage. When Qi is disrupted people may experience emotional or mental disorders and diseases.

Chinese herbal tonics

Many ailments are often treated with a number of herbal tonics. Tonics may be made from anyone of several hundred plants. Flowers, leaves, stems and even roots could be made into blended herbal tonics. Common ingredients may include marine plants, liquorice, ginseng or ginger.


Acupuncture is another popular Chinese medicine. It involves the use of thin, hairlike needles, which are made from metal. They are primarily used to lessen or relieve chronic types of pain such as fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Most patients feel no pain when acupuncture needles are inserted into portions of the body.

Tui na massage

Massage practitioners perform massage on a person using pressure points and reflexes to relieve pain in specific regions of the body. This massage process may also include tapping, kneading and the pulling of muscles during the massage.

Chinese medicine diagnosis

Often, Chinese medicine practitioners use the colour of the tongue to determine the overall health of a person. Practitioners conduct in depth interviews with patients to learn pain characteristics, listen to the concerns of patients and observe carefully before making a diagnosis. Using their experience and knowledge, practitioners may recommend one or more types of Chinese medicine to treat the patient.

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