China shames multi nationals by spotting contaminated food distributed worldwide

In a gigantic irony that certainly won’t be lost on Chinese officials despite a likely sense of humour failure in Western capitals, China is destroying vast quantities of imported food for violating food quality standards.

Yes the country that doled out poisoned baby milk and black market cooking oil found itself in the curious position of occupying the moral high ground. Western brands with slicker branding than industrial Chinese generics were rumbled in no uncertain terms as the airbrushed pictures of happy families and rosy cheeked children gave way to visons of faeces contaminated cakes.

Chinese authorities say they have destroyed nearly two tons of chocolate cake imported by Sweden's Ikea for containing the kind of bacteria more familiar with sewage piping.

Ikea announced the wrong kind of chocolate in their cakes on Tuesday, after Chinese authorities – yes – Chinese safety officers – not the ones from the other 23 countries affected – discovered dangerous levels of coliform bacteria, which is present in excrement.

With their appetites suitably whetted, the Shanghai quarantine bureau went on to reveal that Kraft cream cheese and 2.7 tons of Nestle chocolate bars also were among dozens of imported products destroyed in its latest round of quality inspections.

Ikea spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson said the cakes were destroyed in November and December but the company's head office had only found out about it on Monday.

"The product was stopped and destroyed. So none of the cakes made it to our restaurants," she said, offering no proof whatsoever.

Spokespeople for the various brands were mysteriously unavailable for comment as the spiralling crisis engulfed new players in the industrialised, globalised processed food industry. Long suspected but never quite so spectacularly aired in public, it seems that many of our once respected household brands are in fact profiteering cutthroats who sacrifice basic standards for profit and a good diversionary marketing campaign.

Who would ever have guessed?

Written by Cyrus Bozorgmehr - Google+ Profile - More articles by Cyrus Bozorgmehr

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