Is it legal to buy or grow cannabis seeds in the UK?

The legal status of buying and selling cannabis in the UK is clear, but the same can’t be said for products relating to cannabis. Cannabis is a class B drug so you’re risking five years in jail and an unlimited fine if you’re caught in possession of it. If the police believe you have an intention to supply, you’ll face 14 years behind bars and an unlimited fine. Those penalties don’t apply to cannabis seeds.


Cannabis seeds

What’s the legal status of cannabis seeds? This can be a controversial subject, but when it comes to cannabis seeds you might be surprised to read that they’re not illegal to own. There are several reasons for this. Obviously, seeds are used to grow new cannabis plants. If you do that, your legal seeds turn into an illegal plant and you face the penalties we’ve already listed, but if you want the seeds for other purposes, you’re fine.



The recent news that pop star and professional chef Kelis has her own show on Netflix called Cooked with Cannabis shows there’s a market out there for cannabis treats. We’re not going to outline a selection of recipes here, but we are going to explain the health benefits of eating cannabis seeds. Even the best seeds don’t contain a high level of cannabinoids, so you won’t feel drowsy or feel a buzz from eating them. You’ll just feel is a lot healthier.


Cannabis seeds are a great source of protein. If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, the health benefits of sprinkling these over your cereal, salad or yoghurt are clear as they’re a source of protein that carnivores get from meat. Even meat-eaters can benefit as cannabis seeds are a low-fat, low-carb way of getting additional protein.

Precautions you should take

If you’re going to buy or sell seeds, there’s a tight-walk to cover because you don’t want to be accused of possessing, growing and selling marijuana. When you buy them, do not be tempted to grow a cannabis plant and you’ll be within the law. If you sell seeds, you need to take a little care to emphasis to customers what they can and can’t do with the seeds. A disclaimer stating the facts would be advisable.

What do we take from this?

The law is very clear on marijuana plants, so make sure any seeds you grow and sell are intended only for legal purposes. If you do that, you’ll be fine. When buying make it clear to the seller that you won’t be planting the seeds, and when you sell seeds, make sure the buyer understands what they can and can’t do with them.

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