Cannabis advantages and disadvantages

Cannabis is called by many names such as marijuana, pot, and weed, amongst others. It is a unique plant in the sense that it is the only known genus that produces chemical substance or cannabinoids. These are the psychoactive ingredients of marijuana responsible for getting you high. The active ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has many variations. At least 37 cannabinoids were isolated until 1975. We will define cannabis and its advantages and disadvantages on users.

What cannabis can do to you

Cannabis is usually smoked in the form of cigarettes or joints using the stems, leaves and even the flowering tops. It is also used as hashish using the resin of the plant. Cannabis has both advantages and disadvantages.

Positive benefits

  • Distorted feelings

One of the major effect of cannabis is it is a psychedelic substance in a mild form. Therefore, time, colour, and spatial perceptions are altered. Sounds will seem louder whilst colours are sharper. Appetite may even be increased. Hence, those who have problems eating or are suffering from a terminal or debilitating diseases such as HIV/AIDS or cancer will find it beneficial to take marijuana as a medical therapy. It also acts as a pain reliever. Thus, it is commonly used to treat the side effects of chemotherapy amongst cancer patients.

  • Relieves symptoms of illnesses

Specific studies show that cannabis use can help treat several ailments such as glaucoma, arthritis, spasms, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory diseases amongst others.

Negative effects

  • Reduced motor skills

As you get high, motor abilities are also affected. Hence, it is not prudent to get behind the wheel to drive or operate a vehicle whilst under the influence of cannabis.

  • Confusion and disorientation

Those who use cannabis in large quantities may become confused. Disorientation may occur and they might not know who or where they are. In this regard, cannabis is not recommended for schizophrenic patients as panic reaction might occur.

Another detrimental effect

Prolonged use of cannabis can also lower testosterone levels amongst men. The size of the testes and the sperm count can even be influenced. Women can also be affected and their menstrual cycles might become irregular. Hence, cannabis advantages and disadvantages will vary depending on how and why it is used.

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