How many calories are burned by cycling?

Most people exercise with the idea of losing weight, being more healthy, having fun or even being more sociable. There are many types of physical activity that people can do to achieve these goals and one that has always been high on the list is cycling. Here we look at the benefits of cycling, including the number of calories burned by cycling.

Cycling for your health

Not only is cycling is fun and sociable, it can also be highly practical. If you are willing to brave the UK weather, you could cycle to work and back for example. And if will power is an issue for you, spinning classes at the gym might fit better into your routine.

Calories burned by cycling

It is impossible to say exactly how many calories are burned when cycling. This is because it depends on your weight and how much effort you put in. You can burn anything from 75 to 680 calories in a half hour session. This makes cycling a great way to lose weight - you won't bulk up much and you'll notice your thighs, bum and waist slim down and tone up. In addition cycling is great for your general health and it will improve your cardiovascular fitness.

It is also something that, once started, people tend to keep up. If you cycle short distances you may not necessarily be tired out, but a little bit of cycling everyday will certainly do you good.

The more you enjoy something the more likely you are to keep it up, so if cycling in the rain doesn’t appeal to you, think about joining a spinning class. They're great fun and you'll be pushed hard.

There are many benefits to cycling, and there are many calories burned cycling: it's good for your health, it can be practical and it can be fun and sociable.

The government are planning to do more to encourage people to cycle to work. Bike lanes and bike schemes are springing up across the country, making it easier than ever to cycle.

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