Burst pipe on London's Clapham Road reminds residents of UK floods

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One of the capital’s major roads was lost under water last night after a water main burst. Dozens of homes were flooded in scenes that reminded some residents of the devastating UK floods parts of the country suffered in the middle of February.

Unlike the floods suffered in December and again earlier in February, the water residents of Clapham Road found in their homes was filthy sewage. The devastation left the road, which is between the Oval and Stockwell tube stations, under four inches of water. The initial reports suggested that a sewage pipe had sprung a leak but Thames Water quickly clarified that the flood was the result of a water main that had burst.

Sandbags were used by residents to protect their homes, and fire crews have been busy pumping the water away. Residents with basement flats have been the worst affected by the flood and some needed to be rescued by the fire brigade. During the worst of the flooding, one resident tweeted: “People now getting trapped by sewage in south London, firefighters evacuating properties.”

Homeowners were urged to leave their properties by the police but a fear of looting has kept a number of them in their homes. Those that did leave are expecting to come back to horrific scenes. “Expect lower ground floor flats to be full of sewage in south London tonight, it's getting deeper too,” a resident wrote on Twitter.

Other residents spoke to the local reporters. Angela Reynolds, 58, told them: “The road has been made into a river. It's a bit like Somerset. The water is revolting, brown, muddy - well I hope it's mud. There are lots of basements around here. One of the houses has already been badly flooded. The water just flooded the road in 10 minutes. It was quite incredible.”

Workman are clearing up the road now. Their biggest challenge is to remove the layers of mud left by the flood. The road remains closed between Oval and Stockwell even though the water’s subsided.

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