Bumping uglies with a robot the future of sex?

God love the Japanese, they’ve really gone and done it this time. Just when you think they can’t possibly produce any gadget weirder than anything they’ve already done. They go and invent a sex robot. The days of nagging your partner for a quickie could well and truly soon be resigned to the Xmas and birthday shelf.

Sex-bots, (kinky, lifesize tantric teasers) are the future of foreplay and Japanese company Axis have already unveiled their very first prototype – the Honeydolls. Pumped full of everyones favourite boob enlargement liquid, the dirty dolls squeal when their nipples are tweaked and return the favour by whispering sweet nothings in your ear with a human sounding voice. Then it’s all over and the hot sex-bots roll over for a fag and some shut eye.

So endless guilt free sex with a giant silicone doll. Mmm doesn’t that sound inviting. And not only for the boys. Apparently women will be getting in on the act too as the appeal of bumping uglies with a giant lump of plastic that doesn't also snore proves too much to resist.

At 7 grand a pop robotic loving doesn't come cheap. But if you get the savings going now..

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