Breastfeeding advantages to a mother

Breastfeeding is probably not for everyone, but if you have the chance to do so, it is highly recommended because of the benefits it can provide to both child and mother. We highlight breastfeeding advantages to a mother to serve as basis when a decision has to be made as to how your baby will be nourished.


There are several breastfeeding advantages to a mother, as follows:

  • Emotional bonding

Emotional satisfaction is one of the many advantages of breastfeeding. Mothers feel closer to their infants knowing that nurturing and sustenance are part of the experience. Emotional fulfillment and personal satisfaction are the top benefits of breastfeeding for mothers. This is a unique experience that only a mother can provide to her child.

  • Better recovery

Childbirth is not an easy task both physically and emotionally. Oxytocin which is a hormone produced whilst breastfeeding assists in physical recovery such as returning the uterus to pre-birth condition. It also reduces post-partum bleeding. Moreover, there are documented studies which show that women who breastfed are at lower risk for contracting breast and ovarian cancer. Other ailments where the risk factor is reduced by breastfeeding include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Cheaper to breastfeed

Obviously, the cost of human milk is way less expensive than commercially prepared formulas. On average, a nursing mother would need about 400-500 calories. Compare this to the cost of formula which costs £22.83 for a 900 gram tin. The cost is also dependent on the brand, type of formula and amount consumed by the baby. Furthermore, there is no expense related to purchasing bottles, nipples, steriliser and milk warmer for as long as the mother is breastfeeding.

Definitely convenient

In addition, one cannot deny that breastfeeding is practical in the sense that mothers can breastfeed their babies anytime. There are no hassles involved such as getting up at night to prepare a bottle in addition to the chores of sanitising nipple bottles. Hence, there are breastfeeding advantages to a mother that should be considered when thinking of how your baby should be nursed and nurtured.

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