Do you suffer from breast pain?

Cyclical breast pain is quite common in women. Two thirds of women aged between 30 and 50 suffer from cyclical breast pain at some point. For some of them, the pain can be quite severe. Pain levels vary between people: some will have a dull pain and others will experience burning sensations that can sometimes spread to the arms.

The exact cause of cyclical breast pain isn’t known but it is believed to be related to the menstrual cycle. Medical professionals are largely in agreement that breast pain is often a result of changes in hormone levels. For many, the pain will disappear without the need for treatment, but for others, it will return repeatedly.

The pain can usually be dealt with by use of painkillers. However severe cyclical breast pain can affect the quality of your life, in which case your GP may send you to a breast specialist.

If you suffer from cyclical breast pain you can help to relieve pain by wearing well fitted bras, wearing sports bras while exercising, wearing soft support bras while sleeping and taking painkillers. There is generally nothing to worry about with cyclical breast pain; it is not associated with any other breast condition. It generally goes away on its own and rarely needs specialist help.

Breast pain that is not caused by the menstrual cycle is known as non cyclical pain. Most non cyclical breast pain has no apparent cause but some conditions can cause breast pain, like mastitis, non-cancerous breast lumps and breast abscesses. Experts also believe that smoking and caffeine can be a cause of non cyclical breast pain.

If you are concerned about breast pain, ask your GP for advice.

Many women use evening primrose oil to help relieve cyclical breast pain. However you should consult your GP before taking it because it may not be suitable for some women. Usually breast pain is nothing to worry about, but if you do have any concerns don’t hesitate and talk to your doctor.

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