Boost your fruit and vegetable intake with freeze-dried and frozen options

It can be hard in this day and age to get your fill of the right kinds of nutritious foods, namely fruit and vegetables. Thankfully there are some handy ways that you can boost your immune system and get some healthy fruit and veg into you by indulging in some freeze-dried and frozen options.

    Donar Reiskoffer - Wikimedia Commons

There are huge health benefits to eating dried fruit and vegetables as by removing all of the water from them through gently applying heat, the nutrients become more concentrated. This is good as you can get a higher dose of good stuff like iron, fibre and certain vitamins from eating a similar portion size.

Eating dried fruit is also a great time-saver as you don't have to spend lots of time peeling and cooking. Instead, they are ready to eat right out of the bag and make for amazing snacks as you continue on about your busy days. Be careful though and eat in moderation as about half a cup of dried fruit is equivalent to a full cup of normal fruit due to higher concentrations of carbohydrates and sugars.

Freeze dried fruit and vegetables also can provide nice, large doses of antioxidants to help your general health as well as being completely preservative free. However, since 98% of the water contained in food that undergoes freeze-drying is removed, this means that certain vitamins like Vitamin C can be greatly reduced when compared to a fresh alternative.

If you are keen on cooking a healthy meal then freeze-dried herbs and spices will take your cooking up a notch while reducing the amount of fresh herbs you end up throwing out. If you are looking to give your diet a shot in the arm then you can order some dried and freeze dried fruit and vegetables products from Paradise Fruits in the UK and have them delivered right to your door.

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