Best meditation music on youtube

The stresses and strains of our hectic modern lives can take their toll. With medical statistics revealing one in four people will experience mental health issues at some point, finding ways to cope with anxiety can be crucial. Meditation is highly recommended as a way of staying relaxed, with background music an important component. So what is the best meditation music on youtube?

Excellent youtube meditation music

There is such a diversity of music on youtube that tracking down exactly what will suit can seem daunting. So here are some pointers about grabbing the best meditation music on youtube.

Meditation employs techniques such as controlled breathing to help people unwind. The accompanying music can't be too intrusive, so that rules out noisy guitars or thumping dance rhythms. Finding the best music couldn't be easier. Simply type 'meditation music' into the search box, and youtube will sift through millions of videos, bringing up a list of appropriate examples.

A classic example is entitled 'Relaxation music: 3 Hours of the best meditation music'. This features an extended mix of chill sounds by Duke Skywalker, and is typical of the relaxation sounds which can be trapped into. These ambient soundscapes wash over the listener, with luscious keyboards and dreamy synth effects adding to the beautiful score.

7 Popular music meditation links

  • Deep Meditation - Experience the Peace of the Inner Self and link to God, by Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga (9:10)
  • Untold Depths - Music for deep meditation, hypnosis and sleep, by Christopher Lloyd Clarke (59:50)
  • Beautiful Healing Relaxing Music, by Pablo Arellano (1:26:33)
  • Zen Garden - Cherry Blossoms, Relaxation & Meditation (51:52)
  • Pure Spirit Of Relaxation (2:02:19)
  • 100 Chilled Classics - 3 Hours of the Greatest Chill Out Lounge Music (2:36:36)
  • Сafe del Cosmic by Cafe del Mar (3:37:32)

Why youtube provides quality meditation music

The best meditation music on youtube is perfect as an antidote to anxiety or depression. It is used by occupational therapists in hospitals and health clinics, with patients encouraged to relax in large bean bags while the light classical or spacey electronic music forms a gentle backdrop. It is also used in spas, or as relaxing background sounds to aid sleep, or study.

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