Best exercises for bikini toned body this summer!

Everyone wants the perfect body when summer comes around. The best exercises for a bikini toned body, target all the areas you need to help get you back in shape for the sun.


Walking may not be what you were expecting. Most people are looking for work out routines to get their body in shape in record time, but the truth is the best exercises for a bikini-toned body will take time and effort. To allow muscle to show from your toned body, you need to get rid of unsightly extra weight. Walking is probably the easiest and most effective way to rid yourself of this excess weight; an hour a day, which you don't even have to do all in one go, is a brilliant way to trim down and get ready for some toning exercises.


Stretching not only prepares your body for exercise but also gently tones your muscles. Start the day with a 5 minute stretching routine. These exercises should include standing with you feet shoulder length apart, hands locked and outstretched and pulling your arms above your head. Move onto stretching your legs by keeping your back straight and touching your toes (or reaching as far as possible) and gentle squats with your arms holding a chair to stretch your back and hips. Hold positions for 10 seconds at least and repeat 10 - 20 times.

Strength training

Strength training, also known as resistance training, has been suggested as one of the best exercises for a bikini toned body, with some experts claiming it works better than cario exercise.


To tone your upper body, get down on all fours with your knees and arms hip-width apart so you are holding yourself off the ground. Lower your body to the floor and push yourself back up, keeping your legs straight. Repeat this exercise around 10 times, increasing the number of push ups you do with each routine.

To tone your waist, place yourself in the same position as you would with push ups. Rather than pushing up, raise one arm up towards your side and twist your stomach outwards, pulling your tummy towards your spine. Hold for ten counts and repeat.

Stomach crunches are some of the most effective exercises to tone your stomach. Place yourself in the sit up position and place your heads beside your head, but not touching. Tense your stomach muscles and pull yourself up from your core. Repeat 5 times and increase with each exercises.

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