Best Exercises for Biceps

Are you looking for some of the best exercises for biceps? Here are a few ideas for both men and woment to get you started in the right direction. Make sure to try and not start with too much weight nor do them too quickly. Gradually increase and pace yourself.

Exercises for men

For men looking to bulk up, here are a few of the best exercises for biceps.

Use a barbell with the appropriate weight. Stand with your feet and hands shoulder width apart. Curl the bar halfway up and repeat 7x. Then curl from halfway point all the way to chest and repeat 7x. Then lower and curl from the bottom up 7x.

Push up position hammer curls are a great workout. Find a pair of dumbbells and assume the pushup position with palms facing eachother. Don't move your upper arm and curl the lower arm to the shoulder. Repeat on other side and continue alternating from 30-60 seconds.


Often women who want to work on their biceps are aiming to tone them and possibly build a little muscle. Ideally they would like to stay away from bulking up too much. Here are a few exercises to help you get there.

A simple one to do that does not require any equipment is the arm circle exercise. Simply extend your arms straight out to the side and stand hip width apart. Do 20 forward circles and then switch and do 20 backward circles. You can add light dumbbells as well to this exercise.

One of the oldies but goodies is the basic bicep curls. Start with a 5lb weight in each hand and face the palms upward. Exhale and curl the dumbbells towards your chest, and inhale and lower three quarters of the way down. Repeat 10 times. You can increase weight when it becomes too easy.

Try It Out

Finding the best exercises for biceps depends on what your goal is. Before doing too many curls though, make sure to seek medical advice if you have any health problems. You wont' see results right away, so try these different exercises for a few weeks and see how they are or aren't working out for you.

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