Best antihistamine for pet allergies

Allergies can be a nightmare for those unfortunate to suffer the classic symptoms - bleary eyes, streaming noses, skin rashes and so on. Ever summer hay fever causes untold misery. Unfortunately another widespread source of allergy discomfort comes from our beloved pets. So as more and more of us find ourselves sharing accommodation with furry friends, what is the best antihistamine for pet allergies?

Causes of pet allergies

There are many ways in which the mere presence of a household pet can lead to allergy symptoms breaking out. Animal body oils or saliva can prompt a reaction; urine is especially pungent in this respect.

The parts of the owner's body that are most likely to be affected are breathing and the eyes. The symptoms may well be akin to an asthma attack - restricted or wheezy breaths. In severe cases the victim can develop skin conditions similar to a nettle rash.

Why the allergies?

The allergens that come from the pets, via body oils and so on, provoke a reaction - your body produces histamine. Histamine causes irritation of the upper airways. This type of medical condition is, alas, often hereditary.

Which antihistamines can be used?

Your doctor or pharmacist can recommend the best antihistamine for pet allergies. These can come in syrup or tablet format, with typical examples including cetirizine, chlorphenamine and loratadine.

Antihistamines alleviate the allergic reactions by blocking the histamine activities, providing some relief to the dibilatating hay fever-like symptoms.

What are the most recommended pet allergy remedies?

1. Over the counter

  • Allegra Oral Containing fexofenadine, Allegra gets a high rating in customer reviews for its power to alleviate allergies.
  • Benadryl Taken in tablet, capsule, or liquid format by mouth, this antihistamine gets even higher customer scores than Allegra.
  • Zyrtec This popular antihistamine contains cetirizine. A common thread in customer review forums is that Zyrtec is preferable to Benadryl because it doesn't cause any drowsiness.
  • IOcu-Hist This medication is available as eye-drops, and according to most customer reviews, it provides instant relief for some of the worst pet allergy symptoms.

2. Prescription

  • Astelin This remedy is available by prescription, and is a nasal antihistamine. On the site drugs.com is received a 10/10 user rating.
  • Patanol Available in eye drop format, according to drugs.com Patanol recieved a 70% customer recommendation rating.

Other types of antihistamine

The best antihistamine for pet allergies can come in a variety of formats. As well as syrups or convenient tablets, nasal sprays and drops can be purchased over your local pharmacy counter. These contain antihistamines such as levocabastine which will reduce the inflammation in your nasal passages. Similarly, eye drops will help reduce irritation.

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