Three clear benefits of chewing gum

Chewing gum is made from resin or tree sap solution of glycerin that has added pepper mint, sugar and other ingredients stirred and pressed. Like most process foods, chewing gum too much has known negative impacts on health, including promoting wrinkles on the face and damaging teeth with its sugary ingredients. That said, however, there are some clear health benefits of moderate chewing gum you should know about.

1. Freshens bad breath

Let’s start with the obvious reason why most people chew gum – to deal with bad breath. If you have bad breath or have eaten strongly flavoured foods like garlic and onions that give a bad odour, then chewing gum is an effective method to neutralise the bad smell and freshen your breath.

Moreover, chewing gum increases production of saliva which can help cleanse the oral cavity and clean up leftover foods on the surface of teeth. This inadvertently helps reduce the risk of developing dental plaque.

2. Fights signs of aging

Another one of the key benefits of chewing gum is that it can actually help fight signs of aging. When done in moderation, chewing gum tends to provide a steady and consistent movement of facial muscles and skin around the mouth, which eating and talking does not provide.

Steady and consistent movement of muscles and skin make the facial muscles more tout and the skin around the mouth firmer. This has the effect of smoothing skin and preventing wrinkles of the face.

Be cautious, though, on how much chewing gum you chew because too much chewing can have the exact opposite of reducing signs of aging. Too much chewing gum accelerates the signs of aging, such as premature wrinkles on the face.

3. Improves blood flow in the face

According to an American study that investigated the benefits of chewing gum, chewing gum for 15 minutes every day improves the flow of blood in the face. The study found that the repeated biting movement in the oral cavity when chewing increased blood flow in the face. Moreover, repeated biting movement is more workout for your mouth, which strengthens your cheek and jaw muscles for the purposes of chewing and biting.

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