How to beat smoking for good

Quitting smoking takes a lot of hard work. There is no single magic formula available that you can use to quit. However, there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself to beat smoking for good. One of the best method to quit is to beat the craving for nicotine by substituting cigarettes for something else.

Substitute the cigarette

Studies have shown that the cravings for cigarettes only last for three to five minutes, which can seem like an eternity. If you can distract yourself for those crucial three to five minutes and avoid smoking, then you will have inched a step closer to beating the smoking habit for good. So, what can you do for those important first five minutes instead of smoking?

Things you can do instead of smoking

Hang around with kids: It may sound like a corny idea, but the important thing is that you are unlikely to light up a cigarette around kids. So, go ahead. Hang around and spend some quality time with youngsters be they nephews, nieces or your own kids. Besides, you only get to enjoy those golden early years when the kids are young once.

Take a nap: This is a favourite of many people working on quitting, especially in the difficult, first few days when symptoms of physical withdrawal are severe. No matter how bad of a chain smoker you are, you cannot light up in your sleep. So, when the cravings come, why not take a nap to beat them?

Write: Write about how you are feeling and read what you have written to keep engaged through the craving period. In most cases, by the time you are finished analyzing your entries the craving will have passed. Keeping a journal might also be useful to you or someone else later when you have succeeded in beating smoking for good.

Be creative with those crucial craving minutes: Brush your teeth, wash your hands, take a shower or even chew on a straw – just do something that keeps the death stick away from your mouth.

Break the psychological smoking pattern

Nicotine will be gone from your system after a few days of not smoking. The craving will now only be psychological. Your hands will be used to grabbing a cigarette when bored or at certain intervals. Keep them occupied to break the smoking pattern.

Play cards, paint, cook… do whatever it takes to keep your hands busy. And, eat something instead of smoking. You are used to having something in your mouth, why not make it food? Be careful about the food you eat, though. You don’t want to substitute a smoking problem with a weight problem.

Eat healthy foods like sugarless gum, pickles, popcorn, carrot sticks and any kind of berries. You will feel better after the cravings have passed and proud of yourself when you ultimately succeeded to beat smoking for good.

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