How to beat eczema

Unfortunately, there is no cure for eczema. Eczema can flare up at any time, but the important key to beat eczema is to try and control your condition by treating your body well (i.e., avoiding excessive intake of certain toxins from alcohol or junk food) and taking extra notice of your skin condition on a daily basis.

If you suffer from eczema, you should always see a doctor or specialist who can provide a more effective treatment. Meanwhile, you can use these few points to help beat eczema.

Keep your skin moist

The drier your skin, the more irritated it can become and the more likely you are to scratch which can cause eczema to flare. Use emollient creams, which can be usually be bought over the counter and doesn't require a prescription. Any cream with emollient in it (or, any cream which states it can be used for mild eczema) is usually more oily than cosmetic moisturiser creams and helps keep skin prone to eczema dry.

Keep an eye on washing products

To beat eczema effectively you need to make sure the washing products you use (this includes washing up liquid, shower gel and washing powder for your clothes) are either designed for sensitive skin or are designed for anyone with eczema. Again, soaps with emollient in it are excellent for eczema as they don't dry out your skin like normal soaps, but you can usually find products that indicate on the label whether or not they're useful for sensitive skin.

Reduce stress

Stress is not actually a cause of eczema but some people have been known to 'anxiety scratch' or scratch as a force of habit under stress. Try to reduce stress level, even if you don't scratch as a force of habit (as it can easily develop and become a cycle over time). Relaxation exercises or simply avoiding stress in general can help prevent such habits developing.

Control your diet

It's very common that certain forms of eczema can be aggravated by certain foods, or chemicals in some food. If you find that sometimes your eczema flares up without an obvious reason, try keeping a diary of the food you eat and see if there are any patterns between certain foods and an increase in the severity of your eczema and keep those out of your diet.

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