Back pain relief

Chronic back pain is one of the worst ailments you can have. It can stop you sitting in a car, stop you sleeping well and get in the way of your job, no matter what your role is. Back pain relief comes in many forms. We look at some of the best medicines and medical devices.

Short term back pain

If your back pain isn't a long term issue, you can use over the counter painkillers. Anti-inflammatories drugs, or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to give them their full name, can be used to relief pain. Ibuprofen is the most common one used in the UK, but aspirin in doses greater than 600mg are also affective.

Long term back pain

If you need back pain relief on a long term basis, there are other drugs you can take in addition to those mentioned before. Codeine is a more powerful drug that can be used to relief your symptoms but if you really need powerful medicine, get some co-codamol. This stuff's so powerful that it can impair your ability to drive or to operate machinery. It's also very addictive so you can't take it on an on-going basis.

Physical exercise

Medical advice for back pain used to involve a lot of time lying down but it's now thought that continual movement is the best way to recover quickly. Walking is the best exercise but only do so if the pain is bearable. You don't need to wait to be pain free before returning to work either. Getting back to your routine is one of the best ways of getting your back pain under control.


You can also get back pain relief from massage. In order to make sure that it's carried out properly, why not purchase one of the many back massage tools available. A TENS machine can help relief the symptoms or you could consider something like a general massage tool like the Back Knobber.

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