Back pain relief exercises

If you are suffering from back pain, then you must know that it can affect your mobility restricting things that you can and cannot do. One thing that you can do though to relieve the pain brought by a backache is to exercise. Therefore, we are proposing back pain relief exercises to ease off the discomfort that this condition may bring.


Although back pain may cramp your style, fortunately, there are remedies that you can do to make you feel better. Here are a couple of back pain relief exercises that you can try at home or anywhere you feel like it.

But, before you start to exercise, you have to wear comfortable clothes allowing for freedom of movement. Stretch your body without forcing it for you might end up tearing muscles and will even feel more pain. Lie down on a flat surface and start stretching. Do not forget to consult with your physician to see if the exercise won't hurt your back further.

These exercises are meant to strengthen the back:

  • Lie on your back.
  • Pull both knees up.
  • Raise your body whilst elevating your heels.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • Repeat as necessary.
  • A variation to this exercise is to raise both arms when you start to elevate your body.
  • You can also pull both of your knees until they nearly touch your chest.
  • At the same time, you can flex your head until you reach the ball position.
  • Whilst maintaining this position, you can also put both your hands on one knee until it reaches the chest.
  • To stretch your hips, stand and spread your legs apart.
  • Take a half step backwards and bend your left knee whilst shifting weight to the right hip. Do the same to the other leg.

Keep exercising

If you are doing your back pain relief exercises regularly, you will not feel the intense pain. It is an important aspect of pain management. Exercise is key to keeping the pain at bay and is vital so you can strengthen your back. There are also other types of exercises that a physio-therapist can show you for back pain relief.

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