3 serious aspartame dangers you should know about

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener found in many processed foods, including fizzy drinks, diet yogurts, table top sweeteners, sugar-free chewing gum, multivitamins and flavoured mineral water. Numerous studies show aspartame is one of the most dangerous food additives in the market today, yet it is still widely consumed. Here are some of the hidden aspartame dangers you should know about.

1. Can cause brain cancer

Researchers have identified links between aspartame consumption and development of brain tumours. In 1981, for example, statisticians from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) observed that the brain tumor data on aspartame was so "worrisome" that they could notrecommend approval of certain consumer products containing the sweetener.

In a two-year study conducted by the manufacturer of aspartame, 12 of 320 lab rats that were fed a normal diet that included aspartame developed brain tumors, while none of the control rats developed tumours. Five of the tumours occurred in rats that were given a low dose of aspartame.

One of the hidden aspartame dangers here is that when aspartame breaks down it produces a substance called DKP. DKP in turn breaks down when it is being digested in your stomach and produces a dangerous chemical that has been shown to induce the growth of brain tumors.

2. Can aggravate diabetes

In a public statement on the dangers of using products containing aspartame for persons with diabetes and hypoglycemia, a diabetic specialist said: "Unfortunately, many patients in my practice, and others seen in consultation, developed serious metabolic, neurologic and other complications that could be specifically attributed to using aspartame products.”

Specifically, health concerns about using aspartame for persons with diabetes include:

  • - It leads to precipitation of clinical diabetes
  • - It causes reduced diabetic control on people using oral or insulin drugs
  • - It aggravates diabetic complications, such as gastroparesis and neuropathy
  • - It increases convulsion that are often mistaken for insulin reactions.

3. Can cause impaired memory

Another study conducted in Greece found that ingestion of aspartame causes memory loss and impairs learning. A team of researchers in Spain built on the findings of the Greek study and showed that aspartame also leads to the formation of formaldehyde in the body, which is a known carcinogen. A carcinogen is any substance that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer.

Of course, you will also find other studies out there that disapprove some aspartame dangers and even go so far as to “prove” aspartame is safe. But, who wants to risk their health on fake, industrialised foods? Eat real, natural food, guys. You are what you eat!

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