Alternative Uses for Breastmilk

One of the best things mothers can give their newborns is breastmilk. Because it is packed with healthy nutrients, not only will this help them fight off any infections they may have at their young age, but it will also help reduce health issues later in life. Breastmilk is an easy way for babies to digest and absorb calcium and iron. One of the great things about breastmilk is that there are many alternative uses for breastmilk as well.


The antibodies and antitoxins that are found in breastmilk can be extremely beneficial to use in other areas of our daily lives. It can be used for many home remedies such as eye drops for pinkeye and styes or ear infections. Ear infections are often common in babies who are 6-18 months. Simply put a few drops in the ear canal every few hours. It is a natural moisturizer which makes it ideal for rashes or any area that has dry skin. Clean the rash area, lightly rub in the moisturizer and let it dry and cool. The antibacterial found in the milk also fights of acne. There are many alternative uses for breastmilk, another one being for soap, insect bites/stings, warts, and many more. It can even help heal scrapes small cuts due to the antiseptic property in contains.

Often hospitals will use breast milk as a medical solution in cases such as burn victims. The antibacterial in the milk helps prevent infections and promotes and protects healthy healing. Pre-screened mothers who have a plentiful amount of breastmilk will donate it to milk banks. The milk will be pasturized beforehand and then infants who are prematures or sick, or mothers who can’t breastfeed can still have access to healthy nutrients for their baby.

Consult with Doctor

Clearly there are many alternative uses for breastmilk which just emphasis the importance and strength of the nutrients found in the milk. While some may seem unconventional, others remedies have been around for generations. Breastmilk can contain bacterial and fungal infections so it is important to consult with your doctor first before donating.

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