What is alternate day fasting?

Alternate day fasting or intermittent fasting is growing and growing in popularity throughout Europe. Lots of people who take up these kinds of diet believe that they will be fast and easy ways to lose weight, but unfortunately that's simply not the case. You will need drive and effort in order to succeed.

Food with your fasting diet

Many sources on alternate day fasting say things like: ‘eat what you want,’ ‘pie out’ or ‘pig out’ on their website, but this is extremely misleading advice.

The idea of alternate day fasting is that you eat as much healthy food as you want on one day, and then the next day you are only allowed a very small quantity of calories. The diet won’t work if you eat unhealthy foods - so you can’t have a chocolate cake for breakfast and gorge out on fry ups and chippies like some sources would have you believe!

Health benefits of alternate day fasting

Many scientists believe that alternate day dieting does have good health benefits and can help dieters lose weight if done correctly. However, most of the experts also believe that this diet is incredibly difficult to stick to and to keep it going long enough to notice the benefits. The strict calorie limits on fasting days can be quite brutal.

Alternate day dieting may suit some people, but they'll require a lot of drive to keep it up. If you feel like you would benefit from giving it a go, talk to your doctor and seek professional advice.

Medical research has been carried out on intermittent fasting and so far it has been fairly positive. However more research is needed to understand the full range of advantages and disadvantages and the long term benefits and downfalls.

Do seek professional support

Be careful about taking advice about dieting from the internet (including here! Please see your GP if you are considering this diet). Some websites say that alternate day fasting is wonderful and effective, but until the research supports this you should seek advice from professionals. If it is unsuitable for you, the diet could cause more harm than good.

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