Abs diet plan: excercise and healty food

Working the abodominal area can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. No matter how many crunches and situps you do, seeing any significant results may be difficult and sometimes impossible. It is important to know and remind yourself that it is not about doing hundreds of situps, rather an abs diet plan should involve a healthy balance of exercise and diet.

The Abdominal Diet Plan

Let us first look at the nutrition side of the abs diet plan. What goes in your body plays a very important role in actually seeing physical results.


Keep track of your caloric intake. Depending on your personal goal, current weight, and many other factors, the number of daily calories you should consume will vary. There are many resources online to help you come up with the ideal amount for your needs.

The diet should include protein. The amount of protein that should be included is usually pretty high. This in turn helps increase metabolic rate, retain muscle mass, and can act as a hunger suppressant. Consuming protein should be done before and after a workout.

A balanced amount of carbohydrates are important to consume as well. If you avoid carbs completely, you will notice your energy and metobolic rate dropping as well as hunger cravings increasing. These should also be consumed before and after your intense workout.

Not all fats are bad. Make sure to add healthy fats such as flaxseed oil, olive oil, nuts, and fish oil to your diet. It is advised that these are consumed throughout the day, not directly before or after hitting the gym.

Most importantly, stay hydrated by keeping your water bottle near you at all times.


Along with diet you will need to incorporate strong core workouts to get your abdominal area fired up and working hard.

One great exercise is the Opposite arm and leg raises. It is just as it sounds. Get on all fours on your yoga mat making sure that your knees are under your hips and wrists are under the shoulders. Simply raise your right arm up to shoulder height while simultaneously raising your left leg to hip height. Lengthen through your toes and fingertips. While doing this, make sure the core it tight and hold this position for 2 counts. Switch sides and repeat. For more of a challange, have your opposite elbow and knee make contact when contracting.

The tried and true plank exercise is a must do exercise when focusing on core strengthening. Begin in a push up position on your yoga mat and then simply lower your forearms to the ground. Keep your core tight and neck and spine neutral. Hold for as long as possible plus a few extra seconds. There are numerous variations of the plank such as balancing the forearms on a balance ball and keeping your legs close together or even one of them elevated.

The Cable Rotation is a great exercise if you are a member of a gym. Use the cable and extend your hands in front of you making sure they are just under shoulder height. Engage the arms keeping them straight with the abs tight. Rotate the upper body to one side, then center, then the other side. This is a great exercise for those that participate in any racquet sport or baseball players and golfers.

Time will tell

Like any healthy diet, an abs diet plan will take a little time to see massive results, but they will come if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Thankfully if you get in the habit of eating right and exercising now, this is a change in your lifestyle which will help you for years to come.

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