Preparing yourself for fertility treatment

Going through a fertility treatment can be the best and worst time of your life. Emotionally and physically, it is draining for everyone involved. The dream of finally having a child can suddenly be overshadowed by all the changes going on in you because of the treatment. Being aware of the possible effects fertility treatments can have before you begin is the best way to prepare for what lies ahead.

Getting ready for a rollercoaster ride

Preparing emotionally

The whole process of a fertility treatment is like an endless roller coaster ride of highs and lows. As your body goes through various changes because of the drugs, your emotions will make you feel like you are going a little crazy.

The emotional ups and downs are not limited to just the woman, men also feel the stress and the rollercoaster ride of emotions. This can make it exceptionally tough on relationships, which is why many clinics offer counselling for couples before they begin treatment.

Some emotions you may experience during treatment are:

  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Disappointment
  • Hope
  • Excitement
  • Mood swings
  • Giddiness
  • Frustration

Talking through your feelings with your partner or someone you trust can be very helpful to get through them. Emotions may seem irrational at times, but there is no right or wrong here. You cannot help how you feel during your fertility treatment, but you can help how you let it affect you and your relationship.

Preparing physically

Preparing your body physically may help increase your chances for a successful fertility treatment. Most likely, if you are trying for a child you are already paying attention to your health.

Recommendations for preparing your body for treatment are:

  • Healthy weight - If your BMI is too high, some clinics will require you to lose weight in order to give yourself the best chance possible for conception.
  • Stop smoking – Smoking inhibits conception and doctors will require that both partners quit smoking before and during treatment.
  • Healthy eating – Make sure you are eating healthier meals and taking vitamins or prenatal vitamins.

Enjoy the ride

Undergoing fertility treatment is demanding on your body and emotions. In fact, it is demanding and stressful for everyone around you. But in many cases, when the rollercoaster stops you have what you have been trying for, a new little baby. If you think that your emotions are out of control at any time, do not hesitate to call your GP and talk to them about your worries and problems. Whatever you do, do not panic. Emotionally and physically, you will be changing during treatment; but it is just part of the process.

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