5 ways to fight the war against allergies

Allergy season is a time for itchy swollen eyes and endless sniffling and sneezing for millions of sufferers. The pollen, the mould and other allergy triggers, have sufferers reaching for antihistamines to treat their symptoms, only to have to deal with the side effects of those medicines for hours afterwards. Rather than waiting for allergy season to start, fight back and prepare your environment ahead of time. Try these simple, yet effective ways, to win the war against allergies this year.

Let the battle begin

To combat allergies, you need to start with your environment and the best way to do that is to focus on your home.

Use the AC

Your air conditioner is one of your best weapons against allergies. It removes moisture from the air that attracts mould and filters allergies from entering the house.

Just remember to change the filter frequently; otherwise, things will just get worse.

Air out the bathroom

Keep air flowing in the bathroom to keep all surfaces dry. Moisture from showers and hot steamy baths lay on the surfaces and provide an ideal environment for mould growth.

Run a fan or keep a window open for an hour or two after a shower to speed up drying and prevent mould growth.

Keep it heated

Turn the thermostat to 18C or higher during the cold months. Damp air is a welcoming mat for mould to form; the heat will keep the air dry to prevent this.

However, do not make the air too dry. Go for a humidity of around fifty percent for the perfect allergy-free environment.

Pebble the plants

Plants can be a healthy addition to any home, but only if they are not encouraged to spread allergies. Discourage mould spores from going airborne by spreading the top of the soil with pebbles or small stones.

Take care to water sparingly also. Overwatering is not healthy for the plant and it also encourages mould growth.

Throw out the welcome mats

Get rid of rugs that trap allergies and keep the season going all year long. If that is not an option or you have carpet, steam vacuum every four to six months to cut the levels of dust mites and other allergens.

Another step to protect the home is to remove shoes at the door. Shoes drag in dirt, dust, mould and other allergies that cling to the air, furniture, and carpeting. Buy soft slippers and get in the habit of putting them on when you enter the home and ask guests to do the same.

Winning the war

Minimising symptoms and reducing the number of allergy attacks is going to involve a battle in your home this year, but it will be a battle worth fighting. Allergies affect millions of people each year; so do not let them drag you down for another season. Protect your home and create an environment that discourages allergies from making themselves at home and your life miserable.

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